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A Leading Man For the Ages "Shameless" Star Steve Howey

Company - 11 months ago
A Leading Man For the Ages "Shameless" Star Steve Howey

It’s hard to miss Steve Howey.


At 6’4”, he casts an imposing presence among any company, especially sitting in a favorite diner on Ventura Boulevard one quiet fall afternoon in The Valley. However, it’s way more than just physicality for the actor. He projects a certain quiet strength that consistently thrives on the big-screen and can traditionally be associated with everyone from Steve McQueen to Clint Eastwood. He looks like you don’t want to mess with him, but he’s also just as sharp as he is strong prone to witty wisecracking that belies deep intelligence. Earlier this month, he returned to Showtime’s Shameless for his ninth season as Kev Ball.


In many ways, Kev represents the moral compass of the show—albeit one that may point south more than north. His relationship with The Gallaghers could be liked to big brother-and-barroom-sage, not too different from the man in the diner…


“The thing about Kev is I’ve been given a lot of room to run with him,” says Howey between sips of water. “Throughout the past nine seasons, I’ve really imparted a piece of myself on the character. Your cast mates become like family, and we’ve grown together. In this season, fans will get to know Kev on a much more intimate level. We’re going different places and actually uncovering some more backstory. You know he’s an orphan, but where did it all begin? It isn’t a typical story either. Of course, it’s as endearingly twisted as Shameless can be.”


In some ways, it makes perfect sense that Howey grew up on the high seas, sailing around the Pacific coast with his Navy vet dad and mom. There’s a special kind of wisdom gained from that kind of adventure. At the same time, he can vividly recall visits to The Rainbow in the eighties and other Hollywood haunts, developing a fascination with the behind-the-scenes culture of an industry he subconsciously gravitated towards.


“It’s a crazy place, man,” he says with a smile. “I definitely do love this city though.”


He made his bones on Reba“She’s a wonderful woman, he shares of the show’s namesake. Between joining Shameless in 2011, his credits span everything from Something Borrowed and Bride Wars to Supercross, Losing Control, Unreleased, In Your Eyes, and See You in Valhalla. During 2017 alone, he starred in the NETFLIX comedy Game Over, Man! and Making Babies. At the same time, he continues to expand his oeuvre. Howey is in the midst of writing, producing, and developing various projects in addition to becoming one of Opkix’s first investors.


“The camera is unbelievable,” he goes on. “I really felt like it was a game-changer from the moment that I heard about it. I want to build a bigger personal brand, and this is the first step. I’ve got a lot of killer stuff I’m working on.”


When he’s not slaying the screen, he can be found working out often to a soundtrack of heavy metal such as Behemoth, Slayer, and Pantera. Most importantly though, he’s a devoted and doting dad to three.


Be on the lookout for more from him soon!