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A New Wave with Amber Torrealba

Company - 11 months ago
A New Wave with Amber Torrealba

Amber Torrealba is chasing waves up and down the California Coast right now.

That’s a typical day in the life of the 27-year-old champion skimboarder, videographer, and entrepreneur. Unsurprisingly, she’s always been magnetically drawn to the escapism of the beach ever since growing up in Melbourne Beach on the Central Coast of Florida.

It’s as if the surf and sand quietly called to her for as long as she could remember.

 “When I was a kid, I was just 20 minutes away,” she recalls. “The beach was always my escape. Growing up, my goal was to live as close as possible to the water. Every time I was out there, I felt a passion for it.”

That passion eventually turned into an illustrious and inspiring career. She eventually traded her skateboard for something more beach-appropriate. After picking up skimboarding at 17-years-old, she entered the professional realm in 2014.

Among many accolades, she would be ranked “6th in the world” for the United Skim Tour and place #2 at Skim USA OBX Skim Jam and #1 at the Santa Cruz SkimBlast. Reaching the highest heights of the sport, 2016 saw her achieve the “Vic Women’s World Championship of Skimboarding.”

So, how does skimboarding differ from surfing? Amber explains the difference for the uninitiated!

 “On a skimboard, you’re surfing without a fin,” she explains. “You ride the waves out from the sand versus paddling into the water and waiting for a wave. Skimboarding was addictive to me, because I could do it on small or big waves. Of course, the East Coast waves are a lot smaller. It was perfect.”

Her passion for videography might be just as strong as her love for the water. In tandem to shredding up the sea, she’s cemented herself as an in-demand videographer for various brands.

 “I have just as much fun being behind the camera as I do on the board because the cool thing for me is seeing a vision and making it come to life,” she goes on. “When I’m editing it, I’m making sure it’s actually legit and real. That’s just as strong for me as being inside of a barrel. I’ve moved from the amateur style to drones. I’ve done commercials, ads, and all of that. Every day I learn something new.”

So, it makes perfect sense she joins the Opkix family as an influencer.

Stay tuned for more from Amber soon.