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Journey of the Impossible

Company - 11 months ago
Journey of the Impossible

This was written by our CEO, C. Lawrence Greaves (“LG”), that outlines our “journey of the possible” over the last 2 years.


The post was published by LG on LinkedIn, and we thought we should include it on our blog to share with the world.


From LG:


“As I sit here at my desk on the eve of bringing our OPKIX One and mount accessories to market, I can't help but want to share the journey that's gotten us to this point.  There is a lot of talk out there at the minute about achieving the "impossible." I can't quite profess to be one who has achieved this feat yet, but like so many inspiring people before me have; we are attempting it with OPKIX.  And by all indicators, our journey to the impossible is having us mentioned as the next BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY.


Putting that aside, at our core, our OPKIX Team are believers, dreamers, creators, and early on, we were "the crazy ones."  We didn't set out to launch OPKIX with a goal to "build the impossible," but to define our desire to build something that we inherently knew the world wanted, even if they didn't know they wanted it until we designed it, and have now made it a reality.


A little background, this month we are launching one the world's smallest, smartest and dare I say, sexiest wearable cameras ever, as well as launching a video editing APP (iOS and Android), feature rich with Augmented Reality filters, music layering, something we call CLIPS where you can + in a short 4 second funny from your favorite movies, game shows, comedians etc. into a video that you have recorded on your OPKIX one (or even on your smartphone camera) to add a punch line, an effect or just to get a laugh for every person who hits play on your creation.  There are whole companies that have been created to create and launch each of these products, yet we are launching all of these in one single company.


Our company slogan is #recordplay.  We love the fact that smart phones have made so many positive impacts on our lives, and in some ways have become the go to cameras to capture some of life's most important moments.


But what about the times you don't want to dig through your pockets or a handbag, swipe screens, unlock them, select camera, swipe to video, then ask your baby, "can you take your first steps again?"  Moreover, as a parent, my kids shut down when I hold my smart phone up to capture content.  Is this a new phenomenon where kids are becoming bombarded by parents, grandparents and friends trying to recreate a moment for a good video or photo?


What about being present in a moment without having to jeopardize capturing that moment?  In response to these issues, our OPKIX Team designed something small enough that incorporates into your lifestyle, clothing and accessories that are fashion forward, and require the action of pushing one button and you are in the moment!  That’s it, record and play the favorite moments in your life, virtually hands free!


We are a content creators dream, a camera crew (yes you get two of our tiny and aesthetically stunning OPKIX ONE cameras with every purchase...think two people's perspectives for the same subject matter, or a front and view back, or one on charge while the other is in use), and a mobile charging station that we call our EGG because of its beautiful design that has distinctive oval qualities to it.


We have the full editing studio APP on the go, and the ability to share online to any social media outlet, message-sharing system and beyond.  We also have designed and made the most beautiful and functional mounts in the world.  We are obsessed with function, form and quality and execute to perfection on each important element of our ecosystem.


So, have we achieved the impossible? In certain ways, yes we have - but after two intense years of development with hundreds of people around the world, our story is now only just beginning.  We all came together with an idea that we were told was "impossible."  On the hardware side of our business, "you can't make a high def video camera the size of two sugar cubes side by side, the camera will overheat, you will only be able to capture a few seconds at a time with seriously low quality footage, you won't be able to achieve waterproof, surround sound, Electronic Image Stabilization, etc."


We were told "you won't be able to raise $12 million dollars valuing your company at $200,000,000 before you even sell your first product."  We do it because we need to push against the status quo to make the impossible happen, and will continue to think, act and behave that way!


So what's the call to action? Do you believe in the American Dream?  I do.  I believe in dreaming about a technology, software, social media, and content creation company that builds products to capture the most important moments in life without jeopardizing being truly present to experience them and capture them simultaneously.  I dream of creating the future of consumer electronic products, that CAN BE MADE in Orange County, California USA (when everything else is being made overseas), all of this, without a dollar raised from Silicon Valley...still defying the impossible.


We are on the eve of our launch.  


If you love capturing life's best moments and sharing them online, join us on our social platforms @OPKIX, sign up on  We will be taking pre-orders soon, and we would love you to join us on this amazing journey.  We cant wait to see what you will #recordplay!





Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder @opkixCEO



Our journey the past 2+ years has gotten us up to the starting line.  As we are set to launch, we look forward to having you join us on our next phase of our journey.