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The Real “Point Break” With Ross Clarke-Jones

Company - 11 months ago
The Real “Point Break” With Ross Clarke-Jones

Point Break was the fantasy,” laughs legendary big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones. “Nazare is the reality.”


Jones would know better than anybody—even Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze (sorry!). Most recently, he kicked off 2018 by hopping across the Atlantic to Nazare, Portugal. Beyond a beer or two, he wasn’t there to party or take a vacation like most of us would be.


Instead, he bested his own record for biggest wave at 51-years-young.


“I’ll be honest, January 18, 2018 was the biggest wave I’ve ever caught,” he grins. “It was almost twenty years to the date of my previous record on January 28, 1998 in Hawaii—which is well known as the biggest swell in history. I trumped it two decades later. It’s so good. I feel like a kid again.”


Unsurprisingly, he developed a relationship with the water as a child in Terrigal, located in Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. At three-years-old, his pops drove him to the ocean every day to wake up…


“Nothing better,” he chuckles. “That cold water gets you going no matter how tired you are.”


By eleven-years-old, he began surfing and eventually ignited one of the most illustrious careers in the sport’s history. Among countless highlights, he starred in the famous documentary Storm Surfers 3D with friend Tom Carroll.


Jones popularized conquering big waves for the mainstream in the film.


“It’s still something I’m so proud of,” he goes on. “If you don’t surf, Storm Surfers gives you an idea of what really happens. Most surfing videos have all of that normal lingo regular people don’t understand. We’re just two crazy guys who surf, and I think audiences saw that and could easily connect. It’s the same for me as it was when I was growing up. The speed of big wave surfing keeps me coming back. It always will.”


He’s going to take Opkix to the heart of these waves in 2018 and beyond. As an investor and early adopter, Jones has got big plans for the little camera.


“As soon as I saw the product, I was like, ‘I could do something insane with this’,” he promises. “Wait till I put all of those cameras on me and show the world what it’s like to ride a 200-foot wave!”


We can’t wait.


When he’s not surfing, you might find Jones burning rubber in a souped-up vehicle. He even boasts once cracking 200mph in a GT2 Porsche 997. He’s not stopping anytime soon. Many more limits will be pushed and records broken.


Watch this space for more of his adventures and insanity!